Friday, May 16, 2008

Lessons in Criminal Procedure ...

Tomorrow is my final for Constitutional Criminal Procedure. Here are a few lessons I learned that everyone should know.

  1. If you committed a crime. Shut up. Don't tell cops anything.

  2. Shut up.

  3. Seriously, shut up.

  4. Don't store anything incriminating in your car, cops can pretty much search this whenever you get pulled over.

  5. Store incriminating evidence in your home, specially in places too small for a weapon.

  6. If you get arrested and the cops start to interrogate you, ask for a an attorney, being silent is not enough. Ask for a lawyer and shut up.

  7. Don't trust your cell mates, they be snitches, and what you say to them is completely admissible.

  8. Ask if you are being detained, if so- shut up, if not walk away.

  9. Don't volunteer to do anything for the cops (open something, go to with them), but always comply if ordered.

  10. Last and most importantly. Shut up. (and maybe don't commit crimes)