Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lack of Reading....

Growing up I used to love reading. I read so many books! I think that was one the reasons why I was able to learn English to quickly and compete with the native speakers in my class. I remember taking entire summers and reading a bunch of books, just for fun. Although, I never really got into word games (crosswords, jumble, ect.) to help my vocabulary (which I regret), I had a decent enough vocabulary to help me with my writing just from reading.

At some point during college, I just stopped reading for fun. In the last few years I have not read that many books for fun. The number of pages I read during college was phenomenal, and even more so in law school (at least 2,000 pages of dense reading this term), yet my leisure reading has dropped to a couple of books year. This is disturbing to me. It seems that I now see reading as a chore, and decide to watch TV instead. Now that I have a Netflix account and Hulu I am always choosing TV over book. Below is a list of the TV shows that I have seen since the summer.

Dawson's Creek (Seasons 1-5)

The West Wing(Seasons 1-7, which I own)

Prison Break(Season 1, Season 3 on TV)

Heroes(First half of season 2 on TV)

Stargate SG-1(Seasons 1-10, this took a long time!)

30 Rock(Season 1, half of season 2 on TV)

Big Bang Theory (Half of the first season on TV)

Cane(Half of first season on TV)

Sliders(Season 4)

Roswell(Season 1)

Chuck(Half of season 1, on TV)

Pushing Daisies(Half of the first season on TV)

Wow, that was a lot. Maybe I should cut back. Well, in the meantime I just need to finish my two on going projects: My So Called Life and Freaks and Geeks.

However, I am trying to read more for fun. While I was looking for a gift for my friend I stumbled upon a cheap copy of Wuthering Heights and purchased it immediately. I had not been so excited about a book in such a long time. I am going to bring it on my trip tomorrow and read on the nice warm Florida beaches. This is going to be better than the last book that I brought to the beach, Patent Law.

I'm out.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas ...

First of all, I wish all my friends a merry Christmas. For the non-christian ones, happy holidays. For all, happy new year. I'm in Riverside for a few days, so that should be enjoyable. I hope to see some old friends from high school before I get back.

All around I see holiday cheer, whether in the commercial sense at the mall, or more familial the neighborhood decorations.

Since all the gyms are closed, I decided to go for a jog today. A little background first. A few days before Thanksgiving I decided to have a reverse new year's resolution. I was going to the gym every single day, until the new year. I weighted 168 lbs., and wanted to get back too my summer weight of 155. So far I have been able to go to the gym every single day. I usually do 37 minutes on the elliptical machine and another half hour of lifting (usually longer). As a result, I've lost 10 pounds (3 pounds away from my goal!), and I've gotten much stronger. I think will keep up the regiment past new year's, probably less intense.

While I was jogging I made three observations. First, jogging is much harder than the elliptical. Second, the crash of the housing market is huge, I saw about 7 houses for sale in my 2 mile run. Third, people are a**holes, even on a holiday. Let me expand on this. While I was jogging some guy honked at me, slowed down, and flipped me off! WTF?

I assume that the person thought I was being jerk for exercising during Christmas. Aside from that I have no idea. I spent maybe 6 days in Riverside in 2007, so I know I don't have any enemies. Maybe he confused me with somebody else. I don't know, it was just rude.

Anyways, I will end on a happy note. Happy holidays to all. I bought my brothers a radio controlled airplane and I am just as excited as they are to go fly it. Take care all.