Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Body Worlds ....

This past weekend I went to the Body Worlds exhibit.

This is an exhibition of real human bodies preserved using a plastination process. This is a preservation technique which allows real bodies to be put on display.

This is the closet thing you will get to seeing the inside of human body close to being in a cadaver lab or being a serial killer. The bodies are placed in various poses, with various cuts that allow you to see all the organs inside.

This exhibit was amazing, the human body is incredible! I strongly recommend everyone to go see this.


Today I was in a L.A. downtown Rite-Aid picking up some caffeine for co-workers.

The 30-year old guy behind me kept acting like a kid, touching every item a nearby display. The candy, the gum, the magazines, over and over again. I think he had excessive compulsive disorder.

In the line to my right there was a big (about 6'2") black guy... in drag, bright red lipstick and way too short skirt ...

Another day in L.A.