Friday, July 18, 2008

Randomness ...

Can't wait to see the Dark Night which comes out today.

I love seeing the words I write in media outlets. Sadly my job forbids me from commenting further.

The Andy-man is coming for a visit.

Justin is also coming for a visit. The last time we were together we crashed a car (it's not as bad as it sounds).

School is back in a month. Where did my summer go!?

NYC trip upcoming.

I actually wrote a 3 page handwritten letter couple of day ago (first one in many years). My hand hurt. How did people back in the days do this?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Since I've Been Back ....

I was so tired from my trip that I was forced to take a day off last week. This allowed me to recover from small cold that I stopped on its track, but mainly allowed to repay some sleep debt.

Work was a nightmare last week with our main server going down, forcing me to spend most of my week doing tech support. I was finally able do some real law at the end of the week.

This week, I also had the chance to meet and old friend from high school. In the past, I had always seen her as a wild child. She was definitely cooler than me in high school, and my strongest memories of her involve things which I decline to discuss in a public forum. Having said that, I was truly shocked to see the change that she has made in her life.

She is now muslim and wears a headscarf. The idea that I will never be able to see her hair again for the rest of my life deeply saddens me. This is the most negative things that I can say about her metamorphosis, and truly a selfish thing to say. Overcoming my hair related sadness, is the fact that for the first time in my life I have seen truly happy. She seems to have her life together and loves her job. I predict nothing but good things for her. She made my day, if not my week.

This weekend I did nothing, a welcome change from days past. I went out briefly Saturday night with my mentee from the Puente project to check up on him. He seems to be doing well. I have been reading Trial and Error: The Education of a Courtroom Lawyer" (John C. Tucker), a book that was given to me as a gift the summer before my first year of law school, but did not have a chance to read until now. Right now I have to clean my apartment, since I managed to turn it back into a pigsty in a single week. Work again tomorrow.

Trip Reflections...

It's been over a week since I came back from Nicaragua and looking back, it was a great vacation.

I got to see family and friends who I don't see very often. At the same time, I got to see part of my native country which I had not seen before. I regret that it took me three years to come back and visit, but at the same time my limited budget forces me to pick and choose my travel destinations carefully.

Some of the things that I learned on this trip include: girls are poopy heads (don't ask), tourism is dramatically increasing in Nicaragua, the dollar is not weak everywhere in the world, Americans are more adventurous than I thought, volunteers have a very interesting and unique culture, and the internet can now be found almost anywhere in the world.

Less than a year from now, I will be a lawyer (ignoring the minor detail of bar results) and will probably have more money to travel, but even less time to do it. Nonetheless, I look forward to revisiting the country.