Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Blog Name ....

I started this blog during finals as a way to procrastinate and came up with "Geeks Have Feelings Too" in seconds. I decided I liked this name better: "Geek Plight" . It better describes my life and sounds less gay*. I'm sure this matters to all my readers out there.

*Note: Use of word "gay" is not meant as a derogatory term in any way.

X-Files 2 ....


Ten years after the first film and six years after the show went off the air, The X-Files returns to theaters with Fox Mulder, Dana Scully — and a lot riding on the bet that fans want more of the FBI's paranormal-investigating agents.

Eeek! I can't wait. I love this show. According to this article the movie will be a stand-alone movie where no knowledge of the X-Files mythology is needed. I honestly don't care, I just want to see it.


So I decided to try continue my reverse new years resolution (where I worked out everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year's) past New Year's. I will allow days off where I cannot fit a gym trip, but for the most part I will be going everyday. At least until I lose too much weight. So far I only missed two days since I got back from Florida. The question now is: how to maintain the willpower to exercise?

The New York Times put out an article suggesting that the foods you eat may affect the level of willpower you have. Basically, restoring glucose levels appears to replenish self-control. In an experiment, people who had sugar water were able to better control their actions than those who did not have sugar water. The article goes on to explain the relevance of these findings to diet and exercise:

Consuming sugary drinks or snacks isn’t practical advice for a dieter struggling with willpower. However, the research does help explain why dieters who eat several small meals a day appear to do better at sticking to a diet than dieters who skip meals. “You need the energy from food to have the willpower to exert self-control in order to succeed on your diet,'’ said Dr. Baumeister.

Well, I guess this means I should snack more often before the gym. Yum!

Boost Your Willpower With a Bite to Eat [Lifehacker]

Heath Ledger R.I.P...

Wow, two death posts in the same month. I'll try to keep it short, but I wanted to pay my respects.

The death of Ledger is all over the news, the coroner's most recent report was inconclusive. At this point it is not clear whether he died from an overdose (accidental or not) or some other cause. No matter what the cause of death, this makes me sad. I usually don't care when some random celebrity dies, but I really enjoyed his work.

I first knew him as Patrick Venora in Ten Things I Hate About You, a modern teen drama adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. Having read the play, I was afraid that this teen movie would ruin the plot, but I actually enjoyed the movie very much.

The last thing I saw him in was Brokeback Mountain. I love this movie! I actually ended up seeing in the theater three times (a new record for me). Maybe I like it because of fond memories I associate with it, specially the people who joined me the three times I saw it . Since I own the DVD I will probably be watching it this weekend. Now everyone is waiting for the release of The Dark Night, the new Batman movie opening this summer, where he plays the Joker. I am sure that ticket sales will soar because of his death. I will be watching it for sure.

Anyways, rest in peace. Heath, you will be missed ....