Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Florida Part I

A couple of days ago I flew to Florida for New Year's. The flights were uneventful. Actually the one from LAX to Charlotte, NC took less than four hours! I was only able to get a couple of hours of sleep.

Becky picked me up and we drove from West Palm Beach to Jupiter. New Year's was tiresome. Becky's sister Laura had a new year's party with a lot of friends. People got drunk and all was happy. I could not make it to Pacific time new year's. I was in bed around 1am. Pictures here.

Today we went to beach and snorkeled . I saw a shark and some cool fish. This is where I wish I knew something about nature, so that I could tell you which species I saw. All I can say, is that some were yellow. After that, we went biking to a local park, Layla (Becky's friend joined us). I was promised mud and gators and was disappointed. There was a nice drizzle during the entire outing, which felt great and kept us cool while riding. Sadly, I fell on the way back when trying to do a cool braking stunt.

Tonight's dinner was wonderful: mushroom chicken. I got to meet Becky's grandparents, they are 89 and 90 and look so well! I was also humiliated at cards, but I promise to do better next time.

Tomorrow Becky and I are going golfing with her grandfather (my first time), this should prove to be fun. I love this trip!