Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tonight …

Tonight I am missing something ... it rhymes with "lucky," which pretty much describes how I feel about you.

-Posted on Becky’s profile tonight.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WiFi On the Bus …

Greetings from Washington D.C! I have been wanting to back to the east coast since the last time that I was there. Last week, my friend Stephanie and I decided to take a last minute trip to DC and NYC.

We left from LAX on Monday at 6am and arrivde in DC around 5pm. It took us forever to find our hotel, mainly because I ended up leading us in the wrong direction. As a result we had to cross this long, steep bridge. Eventually we got into our room and managed to leave for downtown. We went to see the Whitehouse. Later we walked to this wonderful Indian restaurant (which I was way underdressed for) and had some amazing and food and awesome mojitos (so random, I know). We then proceeded to walk to the Washington memorial and had this wonderful view of the capital city. On one side was the White House, on other side was Capitol Hill, and on the other the Lincoln Memorial. We got back to our  room around midnight.

This morning we woke up at 6am and got on a bus to NYC. Which brings me to the title of this post: I have wifi on the bus! how cool is that!? I almost paid $10 for an in-flight wifi connection yesterday just so that I could say that I did it. For a 1.5 hr flight it was really not worth it. Anyways, I need to do a bit of work now. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Heroes Needs to be Saved …

The first season of Heroes was simply amazing. It was like seeing a comic book come to life. The second season was OK. Season 3 just sucks. I really can’t put my finger on it, but watching each episode feels like a shore. I want to know what happens to the characters just because I am so invested, but I really don’t want to watch the crappy story lines. I have at least three episodes that I have to endure on my Hulu queue.


On the other hand, Chuck has proven to be exciting and capable of capturing my attention. Each week this is the first thing that I watch off my queue.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blogging From My New Computer …

Once again I have been ignoring my little space on the interwebs. I now have a new computer and this should hopefully change soon. More to come.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Franklinite ....

For Valentine's Becky, being a geologist, gave me a mineral with my name. The mineral was named after Benjamin Franklin and the borough of Franklin, NJ (also named after him).


The mineral is a black colored substance, usually found with glow in the dark willemite and calcite (willemite – green; calcite – red). It has a chemical formula of Zn(2+)Fe2(3+)O4. Discovered in 1819, diamagnetic, with an isometric cristallline structure (m3m (4/m 3 2/m) - Hexoctahedral), and a cell volume of V 603.35 ų.

Also according to my very scientific experiment this morning, not edible.

Geologist make me happy ...

Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things ....

I refuse to do the Facebook 25 things about you chain post, but I figured it was ok if I did it on here.

1. I was born in Nicaragua. Most of my friends know this about me. When forced to say something interesting about me I usually share this because there are not that many people from Nicaragua in the U.S. This worked great until the 1st year of law school when I met another person also born there. Carmen stole my thunder, in fact I think I didn't talk to her for a year because of it. Second year we finally became great friends and even met down in Nicaragua.

2. My middle name is "Steevens," this is not a typo. It has three "e's" and two "s's." I have a theory that my mother wanted to name me Steve and this was a typo (possible because my birth certificate was done with a typewriter) that she never bothered to fix.

3. I skipped a grade, kindergarden. I never learned to share. Most of my friends in the same grade are older and I have always been proud of this. I've only dated older women (one sorta exception).

4. I love chick flicks. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.

5. I watch stupid Disney shows. Right now my favorite is The Suite Life: On Deck.

6. I don't drink soda (except when I'm at a bar, can't drink alcohol, so I pretend to hold a rum a coke). I used to drink it all the time in high school and one day I just stopped liking it. I wish I could say it was for health reason, but I just stopped liking carbonated drinks.

7. I'm a water snob. I buy what I call "mexican water," because it's from a store run by mexicans. I learned that my favorite kind of water is that filtered by reverse osmosis. Don't you dare add a lime/lemon to my water, and if you give me sparkling water I will hurt you.

8. I don't usually get along with guys. My closest friends (and most regular friends) are female. This is starting to change slowly, very slowly.

9. I can get a woman to cry on my shoulder the same night she meets me. I've never been able to harvest this power for evil and I always get stuck as the "friend."

10. I am repository of deep, dark secrets. For some reason I come off as trustworthy and people tell me things. Suckers.

11. I've been to Africa. Madagascar to be exact. Best trip ever! What I don't tell people is that I was actually forced to go by the ex. I'm glad the dragged me along.

12. I'm very good at remembering comments that can be used for future gifts.

13. I am sucker for pretty girls. One time I ran all over New York trying to get this girl I just met on a bus to Boston. Because of this I ended up lost and wound up in Harlem at 2am.

14. I take the train to school/work every day. I only drive when I wake up late or need my car right after class/work.

15. I was pompous asshole in high school, but somehow some of my friends put up with me and I still keep in touch with many of them.

16. I have/had a crush on almost every single girl in high school. A little dream/fantasy dies every time I hear one of them is getting married.

17. A little part of my soul dies when a woman with beautiful long hair cuts it short.

18. I pretend to be evil, but it seems I'm a good person. I do however have many evil impulses. For example, I want to destroy little kid's sand castles on the beach so bad, but I abstain.

19. I have two 13 year old twin brothers. It's not a secret, but for some reason most people don't know this about me. They are not identical.

20. I think female twins are hot ... in fact .... no, I better stop there ....

21. I tutored Calculus up until last year, then I had to stop because I got a legal job that left me no time to do that. I still miss it and sometimes do integrals for fun.

22. I am tech support for all my friends. I love being useful and it makes me feel needed. I'm glad my insecurities can be channeled into helping my friends.

23. I am an excellent liar. No sure where I learned this.

24. I am a pessimist. I actually think the worse is going to happen. For the longest time I argued I was a realist, but really I always focus on the bad. The trick is to recognize this and relax. This often leads to me being pleasantly surprised.

25. The women in my life have slowly retrained me and domesticated me. I always put the seat down on the toilet (even when I live alone), I've been on many tampon quests before, hold purses, I've been slowly leaned off meat (sad), can tolerate shopping and I will usually notice that new dress/haircut.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Working in the immigration clinic has been an amazing experience thus far. We help individuals who have been victims of crime, abuse, or neglect.

Some of their stories are just heartbreaking and always incredibly brave. It's truly a privilege to have these people as my clients.

I wish I could write more, but the duty of confidentiality prevents me.

Ski ...

Last weekend Becky and I went to Big Bear. It has been at least eight years since I last was on skis, and that last time might have been my first time.

We wanted to leave early Saturday morning, but failed. We got there Saturday afternoon. Checked into the hotel and Becky hit the slopes while I did school work and work work. I registered for lessons that day and was able to pick up my skis that night. Becky convinced me to do night skiing. For the first hour I was a complete mess. Could not even maintain balance. Eventually, like all physical activities I do, once my body got used to it I actually learned pretty fast. I was going down the beginner slope with out slopes.

The following day I signed up for a full day of lessons. The afternoon session was the most helpful and I kicking ass by the end of the day. I actually want to go back soon. I barely took any pictures, but here is at least one.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Once again, I have been ignoring my blog. The new year started with a flurry of activity, from the intersession to beginning my last term of law school. I want to take a few moments and actually write about my goals for the new year.

Form a Better Body
  • -Gym at least 4 times a week (if you miss this weekly goal, then make it up the next week, or do some sort of physical activity to make it up)
  • -Eat out max, once a week (this will save you money too!)
  • -Don't buy more than a 12-pack of beer per month (buying booze for friends does not count)
  • -Bring your own lunch at least 3 times a week (try for 5)
Be a Better Lover
  • -This means avoiding the drama that comes hand in hand with relationships.
  • -Realize when problems are being caused by your own ego or insecurities and not the other person.
  • -Don't take the significant other for granted.
  • -Be patient
  • -Do some sort of "gesture" at least once a month, holidays don't count
  • -Seriously, be patient
Form better study/work habits
  • -Do not procrastinate, start early!
  • -Do something useful at work each and every hour, don't just spend time on FB, they are not paying you for that and it just means that you will be forced to do it later at home.
  • -Actually be there at 9am
Save Friendships of the Past
  • -Get over yourself and let go of anger/pain/resentments people have caused in the past
  • -Don't ignore old friends
  • -Reconnect with those you have lost touch with
That's all I could think for right now. There might be an addendum later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


(Trying out new Picasa for Mac)
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Happy New Year...

This is my first post of the new year, and I must say that it has been a great year thus far.

The bulk of the New Year's Eve I spent hunting for needed components for Becky's present(s). I learned that finding roses in Pasadena on this day is near impossible (because of the Rose Parade) and expensive. Finding a farmer's market on this day also proved to be difficult. I ended up making her a basket full of fruits and vegetables. My only regret is that I did not take a picture of the basket once I was done. She loved it. I also spent a large part of this day walking down Colorado Boulevard looking at the people camping out for the parade, even saw a birdie (see below).


Although I did not do what I planned for new year's it was still a great night. I did not end up going to San Francisco for New Year's because my host was having personal problems and withdrew her invite. Instead Miriam and Nate and I attended an LPN event at Cicada in downtown L.A. I invited them to come over to my place for New Year's Eve so we could have a couple of drinks before heading out and take advantage of the train into downtown which was going to be running all night. I was lucky to witness their midnight kiss below:


They spend the night and I made them breakfast, and they fell asleep on my couch (so cute!):


That day I drove up to Santa Barbara to surprise Becky with her presents. We spend the weekend together. I won't go into details for the entire weekend because nobody cares, but here are some highlights: eventually we got back down to LA for an REI used sale and ice skating at Pershing Square, we also went to Santa Monica to a vegan restaurant (RFD), and Office Space.

Sunday night I ended up going out again with Miriam and Nate to bowl at the new Lucky Strikes at LA Live in downtown. This is a really cool place, and make me glad that I live in LA. Nate and I bowling below:


Fast forward and my first day of class (intercession) today. I actually enjoyed today, it was a great class. For some odd reason I find myself very happy right now. I finished my leisure book. I have to read a lot for school and have to do work related stuff, but all of this gives me a sense of purpose and belonging.

I think I might actually do new year's resolutions this year (I usually don't). More on that later.

So yeah, in conclusion ... great year thus far. May God bless my future and the future of all my friends.