Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Once again, I have been ignoring my blog. The new year started with a flurry of activity, from the intersession to beginning my last term of law school. I want to take a few moments and actually write about my goals for the new year.

Form a Better Body
  • -Gym at least 4 times a week (if you miss this weekly goal, then make it up the next week, or do some sort of physical activity to make it up)
  • -Eat out max, once a week (this will save you money too!)
  • -Don't buy more than a 12-pack of beer per month (buying booze for friends does not count)
  • -Bring your own lunch at least 3 times a week (try for 5)
Be a Better Lover
  • -This means avoiding the drama that comes hand in hand with relationships.
  • -Realize when problems are being caused by your own ego or insecurities and not the other person.
  • -Don't take the significant other for granted.
  • -Be patient
  • -Do some sort of "gesture" at least once a month, holidays don't count
  • -Seriously, be patient
Form better study/work habits
  • -Do not procrastinate, start early!
  • -Do something useful at work each and every hour, don't just spend time on FB, they are not paying you for that and it just means that you will be forced to do it later at home.
  • -Actually be there at 9am
Save Friendships of the Past
  • -Get over yourself and let go of anger/pain/resentments people have caused in the past
  • -Don't ignore old friends
  • -Reconnect with those you have lost touch with
That's all I could think for right now. There might be an addendum later.