Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've finally had some down time. Yay!

After finals I visited Jim and Ami in their new house near San Diego. Visited an old friend Laura near Anaheim.

Work. Yes, I still work at a law firm that does not give winter breaks like school.

Besides watching Buffy and reading for fun, I've been in Riverside a lot.

I spent time with the family. I think my brothers got the best present this year. I got them the new Guitar Hero (now with drums and mic). So most of my quality Christmas family time was spent playing video game drums. So much fun! I was this close to stealing their present.

I also had a wonderful time with old friend from high school. Some of them I have not seen for years. Below is Erin, whom I had not seen in almost six years!


A stalker picture from the get-together last night, outside where it was cold.


As a side note, too many of old high school crushes (which basically included all pretty girls in my grade) are getting married. There is that feeling of feeling old again.

In the next few days I might drive back to Riverside and head out to Sacramento/San Francisco for New Year's. Fun.