Friday, September 19, 2008

I need this ...

From today.

Not sick ...

Suck it germs!

I am feeling much better today. I win.

On an unrelated note: why do so many law students not care about politics?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am officially sick.

This has been the first time in about two years that I have actually been sick. Last night I barely made it home and today (my busiest day) I did not go to any classes. It feels wrong missing classes for something lame as health recovery.

After taking massive amounts of pills (some which I am pretty sure are expired ), I feel better. Today I stayed in. I need to feel better for work tomorrow. I am starting a new project which is really exciting. I also have a house-warning party to go to.

Monday, September 15, 2008

West Beach Music Festival ...

This weekend I drove to Santa Barbara to see the West Beach Music and Art Festival with Becky.

Becky has recently moved-in to her new place to start grad school at UCSB. The plan was for to be there Sunday (9/14) at 10am, that meant that I needed to leave Pasadena around 8am. Unfortunately... actually no, I take that back... awesomely it was Ruben's birthday the night before and we all went out to celebrate. The night's festivities did not allow to return until 4am. This made me wake up late, but I was able to leave at 9am, and got there at 10:40, which is pretty good time.

After parking (and walking the wrong way), I finally was able to find Becky's place. She lives in a brand new graduate student housing. She shares a suite with 3 other grad student, but has her own room. The place was nice, but it had the annoying smell of new and construction.

We left for the concert and got there before noonish via bus so as to avoid the parking mess. It did not occur to me until this point that the "West Beach" music festival was actually on the beach and I was inappropriately dressed for the occasion. Still, I had a great time. We listened to a few band but the two that really caught my attention was Hoots and Hellmouth and Jim Bianco. Hoots caught my attention because they did not have a drummer but were still able to rock out. Jim caught my attention because he was just awesome. We also saw Braddigan and Pete Francis from Dispatch, but I have heard their stuff already. They were both good for relaxing and taking a nap. One of the best things that I like from this festival is that I was able to lie down in the sand and just take a nap while a only a few feet away from the stage (yes, I can sleep with loud music around me). This allowed me to recover from the previous night and just enjoy myself in general. I had such a good time! One of the coolest moments as seeing a sailboat moving behind the stage, that didn't seem right.

The main event for the night was George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic. The show was sweet. George is old, but he still got the funk (see video below). The smell of marijuana came and left throughout the night and gave me a headache. By the end of the night too many drunk people were bumping into me. Still, great ending to a music festival.

We caught 9:30pm bus back to UCSB and then drove around for food. We found this tasty mexican deli which had huge quesadillas (at over $8, they better be huge). They were so big that although we each got one, we were only able to each eat half. By the time we finished dinner it was late, too late for me to drive home so I just crashed at Becky's place. I missed my bed, her bed was too hard.

I woke up the next morning at 8am, ate breakfast, forgot my other half of the quesadilla (doh!), and left for school. I drove directly to school and then didn't get home until around 4pm.

This was so much fun. All my pictures are HERE, and some selected ones (and video) below. Enjoy.





As you can tell from the last post, I got a new toy. Thanks to a friend I got a really good price on my ipod Touch, and I just shipped my old iPod to a my eBay buyer, to that it an even better deal. I love this thing and I really don't have envy over the second generation that just came out. I am not too impressed with external volume buttons and slimmer form factor. Apple needs to do better to make me drool over this upgrade.

Anyways, it has been a while since I last wrote. I wonder if that means that I am finally getting a life. Since the last time I wrote I have been hanging out again with all my law school buddies. Going to the beach, going to random bars, showing new-to-LA people around (latest pictures are at the bottom of this set). In the next couple of weeks, my social calendar is packed with birthdays, party buses, and house-warming parties. It should prove to be fun. I also been getting back to my exercise routine, trying to get rid of my summer fat.

I also been getting back into my volunteer groove by spending my Saturday morning working with the NLS and it's worker's right clinic. I caught up with my Puente community college mentee.

Things that I need to start worrying about: Registering and studying for the MPRE, making sure that I read more of my assigned reading for class, and catch up on a couple of personal projects that I have recently neglected.