Friday, March 28, 2008

Never Mind ....

It seems that the LA Times got scammed by some guy in prison.

Last week I posted about an alleged conspiracy to shoot and kill Tupac Shakur. The Smoking Gun recently released a story that describes how some white guy behind bars was able to fabricate the entire conspiracy described in the LA Times article by forging internal FBI documents. He made up the entire story and tried to make himself look important by casting himself as a lead player in the entire ordeal.

So, never mind about that conspiracy I posted about earlier. I guess this reflects my own bias. I have always believed that P. Diddy had something to do with Tupac's death, and I was ready to believe this hoax. I should always try to maintain a critical mind about everything I read, even if from reliable sources. This will also teach me not to rely on opinions created when I was 12.

Techdirt used this opportunity to comment on previous criticism mainstream journalism had against online journalism. Print media has previously claimed that online publishers are suckered too easily into fake stories and that the public should therefore only trust traditional media. Whoops.

The LA Times has also posted a retraction and apology.

The Smoking Gun via Techdirt