Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moon Hike ...

Last night was a full moon, so it was time for the Caltech-Y moon hike.The hike was limited to 8 people, and there was a long waiting list. Not everyone showed up and the organizers were not happy.

I've done this hike before, but never at night or during a full moon. The hike was actually pretty easy (5 miles), and I am certainly in much better shape now than the last time I tried hiking. The views from the top were great. I really love L.A. I tried to play around with my camera (exposure settings and whatnot) but my pictures didn't come out that great. I need to learn ALOT more about photography. Nonetheless, here is one of my favorite pictures from the hike:

IMG_0673I got to meet a couple of interesting people. It was nice to once again be in a group that likes discussing dispersing particles. It was not nice to be in group that reflected the Caltech male:female ratio.

The rest of the pictures are HERE.