Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Updates ...

It's been a few days since my last update so I guess I should write something. Warning this is all over the place.

I missed way too much class this week. I will try catch up with all my reading this weekend, I swear.

Work is going great. Today I was put in charge of drafting a complaint for an upcoming law suit. For the non-law people, a complaint is the first step in filing a law suit, I am actually writing the lawsuit, the document where I tell the other side why they should give me money. This is fun.

I had lunch today at the Standard. This is a classy restaurant/bar/hotel. I've been there before at night, but it looks so different in the daytime. It was described by my a co-worker as diner and I must agree, and expensive one.

On my way back home I met another Techer! I looked at her for several minutes before I figured out where I knew her from. I saw that she was a couple of pages away from being done with her book so I waited until she was done. In true Techer fashion as soon as she finished that book she took out another one from her bag. She was a Mole who graduated a couple of years before me and quit science like me.

On a completely different topic. I decided that I will go to Nicaragua this summer. I just the need final dates from Becky so that I can join her at the end of her volunteer work down there. I'm looking forward to this. The fact that I know I have a guaranteed summer position at works takes away a lot of stress and allows me to commit to summer travel.

Tonight as usually nothing planned. Saturday morning class usually keeps me home Friday nights. Sadly, 8:30am work meetings will also keep me in Thursday nights. I guess I should be happy I at least have Saturday.