Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Girl....

I spent a large portion of my Saturday night not at a random club, or bar, or party, but holding a new born baby girl.

I loved it.

I got to meet Lucy, Jim and Ami's newborn daughter last night. I drove down to San Diego yesterday and missed most of the welcome home baby party they were having because of traffic (it took me almost 3 hrs to get to SD!), but at least I got there in time for a surprise engagement announcement.

Many at the party went out to dinner afterwards. Here I got to meet many members of the Ami's and Jim's family that I had not met before, or don't remember from their wedding. Afterwards I spent a few hours at the apartment talking to Jim/Ami and holding Lucy. It was almost midnight by the time I left. A day well spent. Here is a picture of me and Lucy: (the rest here)