Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miles Updates

Update to the American Express Delta Card post from last month. This morning I received my first bill from Amex noting my bonus 15,000 miles, checked my Delta account and sure enough the miles had posted there too. This means that I got all those miles posted to my account in one month (as opposed to 8-10 weeks they said). There was no sign of my bonus 2,500 miles from having a second card, but a fast call (and I mean fast) took care of that issue and those additional miles should also post soon.

My only complaint so far is that although I get double miles for purchases in groceries stores, gas stations, hardware stores, and cell phone service, these purchases are not in any way noted on the bill. I have to guess if certain stores count as grocery stores, etc. All I get is a number at the end of the statement telling me how many bonus double miles I got, very annoying. My only recourse in this situation is to call Amex and ask if a particular charge counted towards double miles.

I am still waiting for the Netflix offer points to post.

I took advantage of a delta offer and got 25 miles for every dollar I spent a certain online retailer. Very vague I know, but there is a reason for this.

Emiles and erewards accounts are still active and I am earning a small number of miles there. I would be getting more, but I tend to not be eligible for many of the surveys on there.

In any case, I'm really close to my first free ticket.