Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Day of Work ....

Today was my first day of work at KBK, a good first day. It took me a while to get settled, but everyone was nice and I look forward to working with the people there.

I have like 5 subjects I want to talk about. All about suing random companies under various theories, but I will refrain myself since I am not allowed to talk about ongoing cases. This will suck for me, but at least I get to have fun in the office. I will probably funnel my excitement about the cases with a couple of memos to the boss about what I think the relevant issues are.

In other news, I decided to give up facebook for a week. There are three main reason for this, first I waste too much time there. Second, I did not want to be tempted to log to the website while at work. The last reason is a bit more personal and I will give bonus points to any friends who can figure it out, but I highly doubt they will. I like secrets.