Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sad Post ....

It's always sad when there is a death. I've been trying to continue my daily gym trips, I still use the Caltech gym where they have the new issues of the school paper The California Tech. Today I saw a headline dealing with the death of a fellow Rudd Swaroop Hebbale. According to the article he collapsed in his room while talking to friends. The autopsy report was inconclusive, and the cause of death is still unknown. However, heart attack and aneurysm has been ruled out.

It's still hard to believe that somebody died in Ruddock House. Even more weird, he died on my birthday December 12th. He was a sophomore in ACM, and will be sorely missed. The article describes the random acts of kindness the other houses have provided, like making baked goods. Caltech even paid travel expenses for close friends to attend the funeral in Chicago in Detroit. This is why I love the Caltech, both the community and administration caring when something this serious happens.

Although I did not know Swaroop, I express my condolences to his family and friends. I be sad. =( ....

I promise a happier post tomorrow.

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