Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Apple Stuff!

New announcements from Apple today.

New product: Time Capsule, wireless router/hardrive to automatically make wireless backups.

Update Software: iPhone firmware update.

Updated Product: Apple TV take two.

New Product: Macbook Air

Out of the four things that were announced today the most exciting was the new notebook. Too bad I really have no interest in a smaller laptop, specially if the solid state drive update cost an additional $1,300 from the base $1,799, making the total price a whopping $3,100.

No iphone and no apple tv means I didn't care about the other announcements. I still don't like the idea of renting online videos. I like being able to watch the files over and over, and there are "other" places where you can get them for "free". The time capsule looks interesting, but I just discovered Mozy a couple of days ago. This allows me to backup crucial files anywhere I have internet, and does it automatically. The free account limits me to 2GB, which is enough for me. For bigger files I can use my regular external USB drive. So overall, Apple is not getting more of my money any time soon.

I am upset that there was no update to the Macbook Pro. But overall, the new products are good additional to the Apple repertoire.