Saturday, December 15, 2007

Top Flickr Photos...

A couple of days ago Flickr announced that pro accounts can now access statistics about all the pictures on the account since it was first opened. Since I have over 4,500 pictures, I was interested in seeing which ones are the most popular.

Not surprisingly, most of my top pictures are from Madagascar. I guess this makes sense since these are the most unique pictures that I have on there. Some other top pictures surprised me. Here is a list of my most viewed Flickr pictures.

# 1: 204 views

Madagascar 207
This one makes sense. A picture of a Gorgeous Grandidier's baobab. Most people have not see these types of trees.

#2: 176 views

Picture of Felicia in a wetsuit when she was in middle school. No nudity, no interesting background. Why is this #2?

#3: 151 views

Madagascar 213
Local Malagasy girls. Makes sense, very cultural.

#4 views: 139

Andy sitting on my couch sophomore year at Caltech. I don't think he should be that interesting.

So in conclusion, people are weird. I have so many great pictures, and many of the ones that get viewed are not interesting at all. This of course might have to do with the fact that not that many people look at my pictures to begin with. A top view of 204 is pathetic on the web. I also don't do that good of a job tagging or geo tagging my pictures. Oh well ... I'll try to get better pictures.