Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beauty and the Geek Auditions ...

Last month I got an email from the Caltech Alumni Association advertising an open cast call for season five of Beauty and the Geek. Since I needed I study break I decided to show up for the audition. By the time that I got there, there were only nine people ahead of me. I only had to wait for about 20 minutes before I got an interview. This interview took literally four minutes and I was offered a call back at the studio. The interview was today.

I went to Manhattan Beach to the 3Ball Productions office for an on camera interview. I was given directions and asked that I wear a shirt that reflects my personality or interest and props that somehow show how unique of a geek I am. After talking a lot of people I decided to wear a shirt that said "You Got Served ... FRCP 4." If you are not a lawyer or law student you are not going to get this. Basically FRCP stands for Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, and rule 4 relates to serving people with notice that they are part of law suit. Yeah I know ..lame, but that was the point. I did not have any clue as to what else to bring. Somebody suggested that I bring my computer since I am a computer nerd. I agreed.

I was surprised by the amount of security that I encountered on my way in. First I needed to give my ID to the lady at the front gate, and once in the building I needed key card access to operate the elevator, so somebody had to come down and get me. Once in the actual office, I only had to wait for a few minutes.

One of the casting directors took me to a nearby room, turned on the camera and started the interview. I was asked to list my academic accomplishments , explain my shirt, talk about my computer. Then I was asked questions that I had no answers for, they usually dealt with fashion. The two that I remembered was what kind of store was Sephora and what the fashion rule after labor day was. I think I made a fool out of myself .... excellent. In the end the interviewer's comments were promising. He first told me that not that many people make to the second round on-camera interview , and that my interview went on for 20 minutes when it's usually 15 minutes. He said I should find out by 21st of December.

I am not holding my breath and probably won't make it, but at least it's fun to think about.

Oh yeah ... it's going to be my birthday in 6 minutes. Go me.