Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things ....

I refuse to do the Facebook 25 things about you chain post, but I figured it was ok if I did it on here.

1. I was born in Nicaragua. Most of my friends know this about me. When forced to say something interesting about me I usually share this because there are not that many people from Nicaragua in the U.S. This worked great until the 1st year of law school when I met another person also born there. Carmen stole my thunder, in fact I think I didn't talk to her for a year because of it. Second year we finally became great friends and even met down in Nicaragua.

2. My middle name is "Steevens," this is not a typo. It has three "e's" and two "s's." I have a theory that my mother wanted to name me Steve and this was a typo (possible because my birth certificate was done with a typewriter) that she never bothered to fix.

3. I skipped a grade, kindergarden. I never learned to share. Most of my friends in the same grade are older and I have always been proud of this. I've only dated older women (one sorta exception).

4. I love chick flicks. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.

5. I watch stupid Disney shows. Right now my favorite is The Suite Life: On Deck.

6. I don't drink soda (except when I'm at a bar, can't drink alcohol, so I pretend to hold a rum a coke). I used to drink it all the time in high school and one day I just stopped liking it. I wish I could say it was for health reason, but I just stopped liking carbonated drinks.

7. I'm a water snob. I buy what I call "mexican water," because it's from a store run by mexicans. I learned that my favorite kind of water is that filtered by reverse osmosis. Don't you dare add a lime/lemon to my water, and if you give me sparkling water I will hurt you.

8. I don't usually get along with guys. My closest friends (and most regular friends) are female. This is starting to change slowly, very slowly.

9. I can get a woman to cry on my shoulder the same night she meets me. I've never been able to harvest this power for evil and I always get stuck as the "friend."

10. I am repository of deep, dark secrets. For some reason I come off as trustworthy and people tell me things. Suckers.

11. I've been to Africa. Madagascar to be exact. Best trip ever! What I don't tell people is that I was actually forced to go by the ex. I'm glad the dragged me along.

12. I'm very good at remembering comments that can be used for future gifts.

13. I am sucker for pretty girls. One time I ran all over New York trying to get this girl I just met on a bus to Boston. Because of this I ended up lost and wound up in Harlem at 2am.

14. I take the train to school/work every day. I only drive when I wake up late or need my car right after class/work.

15. I was pompous asshole in high school, but somehow some of my friends put up with me and I still keep in touch with many of them.

16. I have/had a crush on almost every single girl in high school. A little dream/fantasy dies every time I hear one of them is getting married.

17. A little part of my soul dies when a woman with beautiful long hair cuts it short.

18. I pretend to be evil, but it seems I'm a good person. I do however have many evil impulses. For example, I want to destroy little kid's sand castles on the beach so bad, but I abstain.

19. I have two 13 year old twin brothers. It's not a secret, but for some reason most people don't know this about me. They are not identical.

20. I think female twins are hot ... in fact .... no, I better stop there ....

21. I tutored Calculus up until last year, then I had to stop because I got a legal job that left me no time to do that. I still miss it and sometimes do integrals for fun.

22. I am tech support for all my friends. I love being useful and it makes me feel needed. I'm glad my insecurities can be channeled into helping my friends.

23. I am an excellent liar. No sure where I learned this.

24. I am a pessimist. I actually think the worse is going to happen. For the longest time I argued I was a realist, but really I always focus on the bad. The trick is to recognize this and relax. This often leads to me being pleasantly surprised.

25. The women in my life have slowly retrained me and domesticated me. I always put the seat down on the toilet (even when I live alone), I've been on many tampon quests before, hold purses, I've been slowly leaned off meat (sad), can tolerate shopping and I will usually notice that new dress/haircut.