Monday, September 15, 2008


As you can tell from the last post, I got a new toy. Thanks to a friend I got a really good price on my ipod Touch, and I just shipped my old iPod to a my eBay buyer, to that it an even better deal. I love this thing and I really don't have envy over the second generation that just came out. I am not too impressed with external volume buttons and slimmer form factor. Apple needs to do better to make me drool over this upgrade.

Anyways, it has been a while since I last wrote. I wonder if that means that I am finally getting a life. Since the last time I wrote I have been hanging out again with all my law school buddies. Going to the beach, going to random bars, showing new-to-LA people around (latest pictures are at the bottom of this set). In the next couple of weeks, my social calendar is packed with birthdays, party buses, and house-warming parties. It should prove to be fun. I also been getting back to my exercise routine, trying to get rid of my summer fat.

I also been getting back into my volunteer groove by spending my Saturday morning working with the NLS and it's worker's right clinic. I caught up with my Puente community college mentee.

Things that I need to start worrying about: Registering and studying for the MPRE, making sure that I read more of my assigned reading for class, and catch up on a couple of personal projects that I have recently neglected.