Sunday, July 13, 2008

Since I've Been Back ....

I was so tired from my trip that I was forced to take a day off last week. This allowed me to recover from small cold that I stopped on its track, but mainly allowed to repay some sleep debt.

Work was a nightmare last week with our main server going down, forcing me to spend most of my week doing tech support. I was finally able do some real law at the end of the week.

This week, I also had the chance to meet and old friend from high school. In the past, I had always seen her as a wild child. She was definitely cooler than me in high school, and my strongest memories of her involve things which I decline to discuss in a public forum. Having said that, I was truly shocked to see the change that she has made in her life.

She is now muslim and wears a headscarf. The idea that I will never be able to see her hair again for the rest of my life deeply saddens me. This is the most negative things that I can say about her metamorphosis, and truly a selfish thing to say. Overcoming my hair related sadness, is the fact that for the first time in my life I have seen truly happy. She seems to have her life together and loves her job. I predict nothing but good things for her. She made my day, if not my week.

This weekend I did nothing, a welcome change from days past. I went out briefly Saturday night with my mentee from the Puente project to check up on him. He seems to be doing well. I have been reading Trial and Error: The Education of a Courtroom Lawyer" (John C. Tucker), a book that was given to me as a gift the summer before my first year of law school, but did not have a chance to read until now. Right now I have to clean my apartment, since I managed to turn it back into a pigsty in a single week. Work again tomorrow.