Sunday, December 7, 2008


So many things to write, so little time. Finals is sucking away all my time, but I wanted to write a quickie.

When writing an apology to a woman I suggest starting with this:

"California Civil Code section 1577 describes a mistake as "an unconscious ignorance or forgetfulness of a fact past or present, [that is] material..."

Allow me to illustrate it's use. Say for example you got caught cheating on your girlfriend. Then you could write her the following:

"My cheating was not a mistake, and this is supported by California law. The fact that you were my girlfriend at the time I was having sex with that other woman was not an 'unconscious ignorance or forgetfulness of a fact.' I remembered, fully conscious, but she was so much hotter than you. Because legally this was not a mistake I made , it really must your fault. However, because I love you so much I am willing to apologize although I don't need to. I'm sorry. Wanna do it?"

No woman can resist taking you back after reading such a note.



Becky said...

How does the California Civil Code define "asshole"?

Franklin said...

Luckily it does not. Too many people would fit that description and the courts would be overburden with the huge increase in lawsuits.