Monday, November 24, 2008


I know this is old news, but I had to at least share my experience during the fire. Thankful neither me, my family or any of my close friends were severely affected by the fire. I know that for many, this is not "old news" as they recover from losing their homes.

As I was driving to my worker's right clinic in Pacoima Saturday 11/15 I saw huge columns of smoke. At first I though that it was the Encino fire (which was dumb since that was 100 miles away), but learned that it was the Sylmar fire.

Later that day I drove to Riverside and got a close look at the fire near Corona. I even saw large firefighter plane fly lowly across the freeway as it prepared to take up water in the nearby reserve. It was such a sight to see such a large plane cross the road in front me.

It's times like these when we should be thankful to those individuals who make fire fighting a career. You people are awesome.!