Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CA People Are Retarded ...

Proposition 8 passed. People are retarded.

I just wrote this note on Facebook in response a friend's note suggesting that this maybe is the start of the new civil rights movement for our generation.

"I support gay rights just for opportunity to see Julia kiss other women. But seriously, well said. Because I am not gay and only have a couple of gay friends, I have not really cared about gender discrimination that much. I always thought it was wrong and if handed a ballot like the one from yesterday, I would vote against the discrimination. However, I have not felt an urge to go out and support the cause. I have volunteered my time to campaign elections, worker's rights, protest, and many other things because they were important to me. After yesterday, gay rights just made my list. I feel guilty that I did not volunteer for the No on 8 campaign, and that somehow its passing is my fault. I guarantee you next time I will do more. Maybe this is the beginning of a movement ..."