Saturday, August 2, 2008

Car Issues ...

Recently I've been having car issues. The first place that I took my car to told me that I needed $750 in repairs. Because I thought that was too much, I took it to a second place for another estimate which told me that I just needed a new radiator cap and that he did that for free.

At this point I am not sure who to believe. There a coolant liquid leak coming from the bottom and my dad and I thought it might the plastic reserve container, so we went to the junk yard to pick up a replacement. Oh man, that was an adventure. There doesn't seem to be a leak anymore, but I am not going to drive the car anywhere until I am sure that I take it to another place and make sure that I know exactly everything that is wrong.

Most of my days are spent suit and tie and behind a desk. Today I was in a big dirt lot with thousands of junk cars, pulling parts that I needed. This was actually a lot of fun, but something that I would not want to do on a frequent basis.

Maybe as I should take up car mechanic as a hobby. Certainly a useful hobby.