Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am still having a hard time balancing between work and school. For one thing, I am wearing a tie to class way too often.

I really need to get into a routine. It won't be this week because of the holiday. The next few days also seem to be packed with many social activities. Fun.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to talk to AT etc and see if they even consider you working for them post bar. Because if they dont - then you need to stop going in their and stop doing work on days when you're not scheduled. And even if they do consider you as a 1st year associate - you dont need to be going there in between classes unless youre scheduled. They understand you'rein school - relax :) you're still impressive even if you only work when youre supposed to :)

Franklin said...

My office is my sanctuary, and the perfect place to study. I go into the office on days that I am not supposed to work so I can study. I hate the library with a passion because it's too quiet/people are on edge and at home I end up watching TV. The office is a happy medium.

The problem is that sometimes I am tempted to do work. I just need to learn self discipline and make sure that I only do work when scheduled (or when I am charging the firm).