Saturday, July 5, 2008

Final Post From Nicaragua

The good news, I've been having so much fun that haven't had time to write. The bad news, I'm sitting at the airport in Managua waiting to leave and end my vacation. Here are the last things that I did.

---Thursday 7/3/08---

I had lunch with my aunt. She was shopping at Pricemart, which is a complete rip-off of Costco back in the States. I got to say goodbye to her. It was great seeing her one more time.

I then went to see Hancock. I know, I know .... but tickets are so cheap and I enjoy a good movie.

After the movie I met up with my friend Rita again and had dinner at the Eskimo restaurant. Now this place was weird. "Eskimo" is a brand of ice cream in Nicaragua, so I thought she was inviting me to an ice cream parlor. When I pulled up, sure enough it looked like an ice cream parlor. I walked around looking for for her, and did not find her. I asked one of the employees if this was the "Eskimo" restaurant, she said yes and pointed me to a hallway in the back. Man, was I shocked. In the back of this ice cream parlor was a NICE expensive, fancy restaurant. I found Rita and her boyfriend.

We then decided to go to a club. She wanted to make up for taking me to such a crappy club the previous night. We went to "Moods", which was located in that Galleries of Santo Domingo, the place I raved about before. This place was so nice. I ordered a Redbull Vodka, but the waiter did not understand me. I had to say it without an english accent: "vODka", emphasis on the "O" sound. He finally understood me and brought the table a large bottle Grey Goose vodka, and no Redbull. So maybe he didn't understand me completely. I eventually got my Redbull.

The service was impeccable. Every few minutes guys would swoop in and change the little paper around the glass, refill my ice and my liquor.

We left the place around 2am. I took a Taxi since I refused to be driven by people I thought were drunk, I think I insulted them, but I am alive.

---Friday 7/4/08---

Another 4th of July spent out of the country. This year, I had a much better time then the last.

I woke up too late for breakfast at the hotel. When I eventually got up I went to get breakfast and headed for the old neighborhood where I used to live to see some old friends. It was the 15 yr birthday of one of the girls and they were planning a huge party. I spent a few hours talking to them, but they could not dedicate much time to me since they were busy cooking, cleaning, and setting up for the party.

I left to get ready for the wedding.

I was invited by Carmen, a law school classmate to her friend's wedding. The mass was beautiful, I actually forgot how much I like being in a church.

The reception was at the Intercontinental hotel, THE fanciest hotel in the country. Rooms are about $150-$180/night, which is a month's salary for many here. Classy place, open bar, being dressed up: what more could I ask for.

I had a blast. I wish to thank the bride and groom for allowing me crash the party. They were very nice to me when I met them.

Afterwards we went to a pub where they had Guinness. I had some, among other things.

All the wedding pictures are here.

---Saturday 7/5/08---

I woke up at 6:30am, after going to bed at 4am. I had to wake up to see a cousin before she got into work (on a Saturday!). I saw her, took some pictures.

This morning I also decided to head to the cathedral and take some pictures. This building is weird looking thing, with a egg shells shape domes things (see below).


I was a little disappointed with the inside, I guess I expected something more fancy. But I still love the building. I went back to hotel, had breakfast.

Rita was supposed to come by the hotel and send me off but she failed. I am starting to get really annoyed with the opposite sex.

I took a taxi to the airport and here I am.

End of vacation. I guess will end with a pictures I took from the Taxi on my way out of the country. I might write another entry with general reflexions from the trip. USA, here I come (please let me in).