Monday, June 23, 2008

No Mexico City Adventure...

Sadly because my plane was delayed I only have about three hours between my flights. This is far too little time for me to leave the airport.

Even before leaving the airport became a logistical impossibility, I was hesitant to leave because I did not want to deal with customs and security. I now know this was moot. Although I have a connecting flight I still had to go through customs and redo airport security. This was extremely annoying.

I am now sitting on the floor of the Mexico City Airport, trying to recharge my battery as much as possible. There is no Wi-Fi, so I guess this will be posted when I get internet somewhere in Nicaragua.

The sun just came up. I can start to see light through some holes on the wall. See picture below.

Update .. a restaurant upstairs where I had breakfast had Wi-Fi. So this got posted.