Monday, June 16, 2008

Local Politics ...

On my way back home a couple of days ago I saw a rally sponsored by a local AM talk radio station, AM 640. The rally was a protest of California Senate Bill 1499, a ban of mylar balloons.

The language of the bill would actually ban any floating ballon made out of an electro-conductive material. Most of the balloons you see in grocery stores are made out mylar, which conducts electricity. The main reason for the bill is to prevent power outages caused by these reaching power lines and causing a short circuit.

The host of the show spent most of the time reading statistics showing how mylar balloons really don't cause power outages. The rally was also sponsored by local ballon manufacturers who were giving away balloons. Plenty of pictures of sad kids were shown at the rally (see below).

AM Rally 4

In the end, I thought that they were right (if the statistics are true). Since these balloons really don't cause that many power outages, there is no point in banning them. I love these balloons. But honestly, I was more interested in the van that they were using to broadcast the signal. Notice the shortwave antenna as opposed to the parabolic (satellite) antenna in news vans.

AM Rally 2

AM Rally 6

The rest of my pictures are at the end of this set.