Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday Night Party ...

Last night was fun. I decided to check out the Ivy Plus Society gathering in LA. Basically this is a group of young Ivy League and other additional elite schools alumni getting together every month at some random chic location. This month it was the Falcon.

My friend Carmen was kind enough to join me. We had dinner at Bossa Nova, a Brazilian restaurant next door to the bar. They had the best shrimp ever and Chimay beer, which made me happy. The restaurant even had a wonderful view of a strip club across the street, haha.

Afterwards we walked over to the bar and met some really interesting people. For some reason I thought that the atmosphere was going to be stuffy and dull, but people were cool and fun. My only complaint is that male/female ratio leaned towards males. Just like the old Caltech. We left a little bit before 11pm. Remember that strip club? We ended up going and spending another hour there before going home. Her idea not mine, but I didn't complaint.

I got back home late and was very tired at work the next day, but it was worth it. Carmen now owns me dinner.