Monday, January 28, 2008

Legal observing ...

After being trained by the NLG over a year ago, I should be really embarrassed that I never participated as a legal observer. I finally did this last weekend.

As a legal observer, it's my job to monitor the police to ensure that they are not violating any constitutional rights and obtain evidence that might help protesters. A guide to being a legal observer can be found here.

I went to Anaheim to observe a community protest recent city development plans. Basically they want assurances that a recent land deal with include low-income housing, child-care facilities, and input from the community. About 150 people attended the march, and they made the local news.

There was only another NLG observer with me, an older attorney from Irvine. So my first observing experience was not usual. You can find pictures here.

As a side note, the Orange County Register I linked to above is filled with ignorant comments, bordering on racist. For example:

we want this new development to look nice and not ghetto. majority, but not all of low income families will turn this place into a dirty crime infested area.

Better yet ....

The laziest protest is right-these people are too lazy to use proper birth control.


Much respect for community organizations that help low income families. Not so much for dumb ass people who don't understand the real causes of crime and poverty.