Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas ...

First of all, I wish all my friends a merry Christmas. For the non-christian ones, happy holidays. For all, happy new year. I'm in Riverside for a few days, so that should be enjoyable. I hope to see some old friends from high school before I get back.

All around I see holiday cheer, whether in the commercial sense at the mall, or more familial the neighborhood decorations.

Since all the gyms are closed, I decided to go for a jog today. A little background first. A few days before Thanksgiving I decided to have a reverse new year's resolution. I was going to the gym every single day, until the new year. I weighted 168 lbs., and wanted to get back too my summer weight of 155. So far I have been able to go to the gym every single day. I usually do 37 minutes on the elliptical machine and another half hour of lifting (usually longer). As a result, I've lost 10 pounds (3 pounds away from my goal!), and I've gotten much stronger. I think will keep up the regiment past new year's, probably less intense.

While I was jogging I made three observations. First, jogging is much harder than the elliptical. Second, the crash of the housing market is huge, I saw about 7 houses for sale in my 2 mile run. Third, people are a**holes, even on a holiday. Let me expand on this. While I was jogging some guy honked at me, slowed down, and flipped me off! WTF?

I assume that the person thought I was being jerk for exercising during Christmas. Aside from that I have no idea. I spent maybe 6 days in Riverside in 2007, so I know I don't have any enemies. Maybe he confused me with somebody else. I don't know, it was just rude.

Anyways, I will end on a happy note. Happy holidays to all. I bought my brothers a radio controlled airplane and I am just as excited as they are to go fly it. Take care all.